1.85M Djed Stablecoins Minted & 40K Burned in $1B Cardano Market

• Djed, a Cardano-based overcollateralized stablecoin, has achieved massive success since its launch two days ago.
• It has minted 1.85 million coins and burned 40,000 tokens thus far.
• Djed and SHEN are now listed on major exchanges including Minswap, Wingriders, Bitrue and CoinMarketCap.

Djed Stablecoin Launch

Cardano IOG and COTI have recently launched Djed, an overcollateralized stablecoin on the Cardano network. The launch of Djed was highly successful as it attracted 27 million Cardano (ADA) tokens as backing and achieved an 800% reserve ratio within two days of its release to the market. A total of 1.85 million coins have been minted while 40,000 tokens were burned in this billion-dollar market.

Listings on Major Exchanges

Both Djed and SHEN (the Reserve Coin) have gained wide coverage across many media publications since their launch and are now listed on major exchanges like Minswap, Wingriders, Bitrue and CoinMarketCap. 21M SHEN were also minted with 73K being burnt for a reserve ratio of 623%. These listings will help to increase accessibility to crypto users globally as well as mainstream adoption of both assets.

Fundamental Analysis Platforms Integrating Djed

Djed is also receiving attention from fundamental analysis platforms like CoinGecko and DeFi TVL aggregator DefiLlama which have unrolled them for millions of users respectively. This further highlights the immense potential that these stablecoins possess in terms of usage and value growth in the near future.

Upcoming Upgrades

COTI has mentioned upcoming upgrades in their blog post concerning Djed’s launch which may further improve accessiblity to users worldwide as well as bring more features such as easier liquidity solutions for investors who wish to invest in the platform’s native token DJED or SHEN token through different exchanges or platforms.


In conclusion, it can be said that Cardano’s overcollateralized stablecoin Djed is gaining significant traction only two days after its launch due to its innovative features such as minting 1.85 million token supply with a burn rate of 40 000 tokens so far in this billion-dollar market coupled with widespread listing across multiple exchanges; making it one of the most sought after investments among crypto traders globally

Earn Steady Profits in Crypto Markets with Mosdex: Automated & Secure!

• Mosdex is the perfect solution to the volatility prevalent in the crypto markets.
• Mosdex is the only crypto arbitrage platform able to earn participants a steady income.
• The blockchain’s processes are automated and secured, ensuring unprecedented transparency.

Cryptocurrency markets are notoriously volatile, with prices of digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others varying by double-digit percentages within days. This lack of stability makes it hard for mainstream investors to make profits in the crypto sector. To this end, Mosdex LLC, a Finnish-based arbitrage trading platform, has created Mosdex to ensure traders enjoy easy, steady profits with minimal risk and multiple income streams.

Mosdex is designed to take advantage of the price discrepancies between crypto exchanges. By arbitraging between exchanges, Mosdex participants are able to earn passive income regardless of whether prices of crypto assets are rising or falling. The platform automates and secures the arbitrage process through the blockchain. This means that anyone can audit the platform’s transactions via a blockchain explorer.

The Mosdex team is made up of experienced professionals with knowledge in blockchain, DeFi, tokenization, arbitrage trading, and crypto trading. This allows them to provide users with a secure and transparent platform that is easy to use. Additionally, the platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing even beginner traders to make profits without too much difficulty.

Apart from the arbitrage trading feature, Mosdex also offers a token staking feature, which allows users to stake their Mosdex token (MOSX) and earn rewards. The token staking feature allows users to earn passive income, thus diversifying their source of income.

Mosdex is the perfect solution for investors looking to make steady profits in the volatile crypto markets. The platform’s automated and secure processes, together with its user-friendly design, make it the ideal platform for traders of all levels. With Mosdex, traders are sure to enjoy easy, steady profits with minimal risk and multiple income streams.

Genesis Global Files for Bankruptcy, Owing Over $3.5B to Creditors

• Genesis Global has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, owing over $3.5 billion to creditors.
• Gemini is the largest creditor of Genesis, being owed over $800 million from its Gemini Earn customers.
• The bankruptcy proceedings of Genesis may cause contagion to Grayscale Investments and its huge BTC reserve.

Genesis Global, the subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group (DCG), has finally filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, owing its creditors more than $3.5 billion. This news comes after a series of financial woes the company had been dealing with for the past few months. The company named over 100,000 creditors in its bankruptcy filing published on Thursday.

The troubles of Genesis began last year when the crypto hedge fund, Three Arrows Capital (3AC) went bankrupt. This caused Genesis to halt withdrawals with the collapse of the FTX Derivatives Exchange. The bankruptcy of 3AC and the FTX implosion finally exposed the financial woes that had been lurking for several months.

Per the bankruptcy filing, Genesis is owing some very prominent investors huge sums of money. Gemini, the crypto trading platform, is the largest creditor of Genesis, being owed more than $800 million from its Gemini Earn customers. Other companies to whom the bankruptcy proceedings will give priority include Grayscale Investments and its huge BTC reserve.

The first primary consideration for Genesis is a restructuring that can either result in a selloff or reorganization. The firm said it is exploring the best option to satisfy all of its creditors. The company hopes that by the end of the bankruptcy proceedings, it will have enough funds to repay all users with unstructured credits.

The filing of bankruptcy by Genesis Global is a cause of worry for the entire crypto market as it may fuel contagion to Grayscale Investments and its huge BTC reserve. The financial woes of the company are a reminder of the volatility of the crypto market, and the need for investors to be aware of the risks before investing in any asset. It remains to be seen if the bankruptcy proceedings of Genesis will be able to satisfy all its creditors and put the company back on the right path.

DeFi Meets TradFi: AllianceBlock & Artbanx Create Art-Backed Loans

• AllianceBlock and Artbanx are partnering to create a decentralized lending platform for art collectors.
• Through this platform, physical artworks owners will be able to obtain loans against those assets in a decentralized way, with liquidity providers able to earn stable yield in return for fronting them the capital.
• This offering is a unique service that no one else can currently offer and will enable the owners of physical artworks to take advantage of a financing option that was previously only offered by banks and specialized art-lending firms.

The decentralized finance ecosystem provider AllianceBlock is partnering with Artbanx to create a new service where people can use real-world art as collateral to obtain asset-backed loans that leverage AllianceBlock’s DeFi infrastructure. This is an exciting development that will genuinely bridge the gap between traditional finance (TradFi) and DeFi, allowing owners of physical artworks to use those assets as collateral to obtain a loan, while still maintaining full ownership.

The offering is a natural extension of the capabilities of Artbanx, which is one of the industry’s leading platforms for buying, selling and managing art. Through its platform, physical artworks owners will be able to obtain loans against those assets in a decentralized way, with liquidity providers able to earn stable yield in return for fronting them the capital. Artbanx is a traditional Web2 company that’s exploring the possibilities of Web3 for the first time through this unique offering. It’s drawing on AllianceBlock’s ready-made DeFi infrastructure, Nexera ID and the MetaNFT standard, and says that by doing so it has been able to reduce the time to market by up to eight months while saving 70% on the costs of developing such a platform.

The offering means that owners of physical artworks will be able to take advantage of a financing option that was previously only offered by banks and specialized art-lending firms. Traditionally, the owner of the art would have to hand over possession of the piece to the lender and would be charged a hefty interest rate. With this new offering, art owners can retain full ownership of the artwork while still accessing the capital they need.

AllianceBlock and Artbanx are hoping that this new offering will revolutionize the way art collectors access financing and will open up a new world of possibilities. Not only will it make it easier for art collectors to access the capital they need to acquire more pieces, but it will also make it easier for them to monetize their collections without having to part with them. This could open up a new wave of opportunities for art collectors, as well as for the industry as a whole.

The two companies are currently in the process of releasing the platform to the public, and it’s expected to be available to users by the end of the year. This is an exciting development for the DeFi space and a true example of how traditional finance and DeFi can be combined to create something totally unique. It will be interesting to see how this offering develops in the coming months and how it will shape the future of the art market.

Crypto Cash Review: Read the Full Review

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency trading or are a professional trader, you’ve probably been exposed to this Crypto Cash platform in recent times. If you look through the reviews online on Crypto Cash, you may get mixed reviews about its advantages from either past or current users. This could cause you to ask yourself if Crypto Cash is a legitimate platform or just a fraud. It is true that the platform for trading digital currencies is a favorite among crypto traders, but it also draws a lot of concern and criticism from a small number of investors.

When you go to the Crypto Cash’s website You will find that a variety of bold assertions are made. A few people don’t believe in the claims made by Crypto Cash has made on its website, and look at the site with suspicion. However, when you go the reviews of various customers on the internet, you’ll see that the claims of Crypto Cash are probably legitimate, but somewhat exaggerated.

Crypto Cash’s Stunning Claims

Based on the many favorable reviews for Crypto Cash, you may think that this website and the claims it makes are generally genuine. What are the assertions that are the cause of the online scrutiny and discord?

Crypto Cash, a robot cryptocurrency-trader with an 88 percent win rate across all markets. Although this number may appear extraordinary, bear in mind that the program uses artificial intelligence to perform trades. This is why the high winning rate could be genuine.

Furthermore, this platform offers its users a an assurance of 60 days to return their money. Users who are new to the platform will have around two months to test the platform without risk to their finances. If you decide the platform isn’t right suitable in the demo trial you can claim your money back by contacting customer service department of the platform. This will provide you with a assurance while you explore the capabilities of the platform and its features for yourself.

But, smart investors must be aware of the risks associated with any type of margin trading, regardless of platform being utilized. This is why you should only put money into investments that you are able to lose employing Crypto Cash or other platforms.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high winning rate
  • Small and large traders

A Closer Look at Crypto Cash

Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, which creates plenty of opportunities for investors to earn by purchasing low while selling at a high price. Crypto Cash is an automatic trading platform that makes use of artificial intelligence. It also gives its users well-thought-out, solid advice on trading with cryptocurrency. A guide to beginners for crypto traders has also been available.

How much can this platform earn for you? A few traders say that an initial investment of $250 has now yielded thousands of dollars per day. Remember it is a minimum amount to invest. If you aren’t satisfied with the platform , for whatever reason, you are able to avail the money-back guarantee within 60 days.

Is the Crypto Cash App Easy to Use?

For both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders, there’s an urgent requirement for a platform that is simple to use and can support the user’s choices. Crypto Cash was created with user-friendliness in mind throughout every aspect that the users experience. It starts with the registration of a new account , and continues through the account setup process live.

The users from Crypto Cash can access several free tutorials that explain the features, talk about methods for training and much more. By providing these trainings, Crypto Cash supports all users in their efforts towards making consistent profits. Alongside the tutorials it also makes use of advanced technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence to assist its customers. According to some sources, the platform was designed to analyse cryptocurrency data in real-time. It is able to identify trends and lessons which aid the system’s automated trades.

Are you interested in knowing what Crypto Cash is compared to other robots? The Bitcoin robot page on our website lists the various choices available to you right now.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high rate of winning
  • Both small and large traders

Who Created the Crypto Cash App?

Crypto Cash was invented by Edward Clark connected with software engineer Freddie Parker. Clark has been reported to have made millions of dollars from cryptocurrency and his methods were said to have been the foundation for Crypto Cash’s programing.

Edward Clark is commonly viewed as a cryptocurrency expert by other people in this field. He describes his strategy for trading simply genius. But, there is no data to support the claims made by his strategies or success is available.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high winning rate
  • Small and large traders

How do you get started using Crypto Cash?

With the Crypto Cash money-back guarantee, there is absolutely nothing at stake by exploring the website and seeing for yourself the effectiveness of its operation. The majority of people can sign up for an account in just a few minutes. You might be delighted to find that the signup website does not ask users to enter any unnecessary personal information.

Crypto Cash is among the few trading platforms for cryptocurrency which require an upfront fee. It is a sign-up fee. It does not count towards the minimum deposit requirement of $250. Thus, you’ll require minimum $287 to establish an account. Take note that Crypto Cash app is not accessible to all states or countries. Before you decide to sign up for an account, make sure that the platform is accessible to investors located in your region.

Did you know that Crypto Cash isn’t available in your region? You can look into other popular trading platforms on our website which you can consider using to make a change.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high winning rate
  • Both small and large traders

Below are come steps needed to start making use of Crypto Cash:

1. Registration

Its Crypto Cash app is designed with user-friendliness and the ability to function in mind. You can easily open an account using the app or on the website in moments. You’ll need to supply personal information such as names, telephone number, and email address. You must also agree to the terms and conditions and you will be given the chance to opt out from being on the Crypto Cash mailing list.

Users who are new and worried about security and privacy are going to be delighted to know that no personal information is required. Furthermore, the software was designed using secured SSL technology and is completely secure and safe. The information you provide during registration and that is transferred throughout regular use is secure.

A few reviews on the internet written by former customers complain about the method by the way Crypto Cash sent emails to users. The website continued to email them unwanted emails even after they explicitly decided to opt out of receiving emails at the time of registration. It’s not known whether this practice still exists.

2. Deposit Your Funds

In order to finalize the creation of a brand new account through Crypto Cash it is necessary to pay the initial $37 fee. It is also necessary to deposit at minimum $250. The money is used to fund trading activities. You can make future deposits as desired.

3. Make Live Trades Automatically

With the many platforms for trading cryptocurrency new customers have the option of creating the demo account and attempting to test the waters, without putting their the personal money at risk. This isn’t the case when using Crypto Cash. Instead, you’re able to perform live trades. But, considering that it is an automatic trading system, having a trial session with a demo account isn’t usually required. Follow this link to open an account on Crypto Cash.

  • Fully automated trading
  • Very high winning rate
  • Both small and large traders

What the Media Says About Crypto Cash

If you look for news articles about Crypto Cash in the media You will probably see headlines related to Crypto Cash with Shark Tank and Dragons Den. They are two similar TV shows that place young entrepreneurs before investors to showcase their ventures. If you find Crypto Cash linked to these TV shows, you could think these stories to be factual. But this isn’t however, and the content associated with the TV shows isn’t made available with Crypto Cash.

The fake claims you read online about the connection between Crypto Cash with Dragons Den and Shark Tank have been created by affiliates in order to create click bait. The headlines are created to grab your the attention of viewers and encourage them to click the hyperlinks. Please note this: Crypto Cash does not have any affiliation with or affiliated with these sites , and these websites are deliberately to deceive you.

The Link Between Crypto Cash and Dragons Den

Do you think that Crypto Cash actually make a pitch for the Dragons Den TV series? The claims you read online that link Crypto Cash to Dragons Den are not true and should be disregarded by any serious cryptocurrency trader. However, Crypto Cash is one of the more well-known trading platforms investors have been attracted to at present as well as its growing popularity has turned it into an attractive target for fake news and shady marketing. Affiliate marketers earn revenue through clicks generated by the content’s links which is why affiliate marketers create headlines that are as exciting or as shocking as is possible.

What can you do to determine what is real and what isn’t regarding Crypto Cash? Be sure to stay clear of any information that ties Dragons Den or Shark Tank with Crypto Cash. Then, concentrate your attention on credible and complete reviews, like this one, to ensure that you are able to identify the most efficient automated trading platform.

What Is the Verdict on Crypto Cash?

After you have learned something regarding this Crypto Cash app, you will be able to see that it is a genuine and automated cryptocurrency trading company. Based on our research we’ve discovered that a lot of negative feedback made online about Crypto Cash are also from people who are skeptical of cryptocurrency generally. Thus, they are prone to an identifiable bias, and their opinions are logically biased.

Crypto Cash

However the claims of the platform regarding the accuracy and profitability of its platform could be exaggerated. However, this doesn’t mean that cryptocurrency traders can’t make a substantial profit by making use of this platform. However, the claims could be false. The returns that are typical may not be as impressive as they claim to be.

There are some negative reviews on the internet about Crypto Cash come from honest users who have attempted to use the platform. Therefore, their reviews might give you a realistic expectations of what you might think you can. A majority of the complaints relate to the slowness of response times from customer service. It’s unclear whether these reviews are up-to-date or whether Crypto Cash has already taken measures to improve in this particular area.

What is The News Spy?

In addition to financial investments such as shares, funds and bonds, trading in cryptocurrencies has become increasingly important in recent years. Many investors have specialised exclusively in cryptocurrencies, mainly due to the variety of different digital currencies, and earn good money with them.

Many traders are no longer able to keep track of their digital currency trading due to the rapidly changing trading environment, high volatility and short-term market distortions. Moreover, unlike equity trading, digital currencies are traded globally around the clock.

It is therefore logical that non-institutional cryptocurrency traders need help to survive in this industry. Cryptocurrency trading platforms with their trading robots are particularly helpful and often of great benefit.

In the report from https://www.danubefuture.eu/the-news-spy-en/, we would like to introduce you to The News Spy. This professional cryptocurrency trading platform often delivers superior returns with the help of its integrated trading robots and state-of-the-art computer programs. With the help of the The News Spy, individual traders can outperform the respective profit margins of professional stock market observers and – depending on the market environment – sometimes achieve a multiple of the investment as profit within a few weeks.

### Logo ###

What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms that can generate above-average returns thanks to state-of-the-art computer algorithms. The platform includes trading robots that attempt to achieve the highest possible returns through logical buy or sell decisions.

The software underlying the trading robot is able to predict the short-term price development of the corresponding cryptocurrency with above-average accuracy on the basis of real-time market parameters.

It can trade the most common and well-known digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. Thanks to its user-friendliness, it can be easily operated even by trading novices.

Features & Functionality

### Key figures ###

Who is behind The News Spy?

The actual software developer of the cryptocurrency trading platform The News Spy is not known, which is often the case in the digital trading environment. This is analogous to the invention and development of Bitcoin, the first ever digital currency. The true identity of the founder, who published a whitepaper under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, will probably remain a secret forever.

Nevertheless, The News Spy proves its legitimacy through its network of a large number of professional and certified brokerage firms with which it cooperates.

### 3 steps ###

Opinions about The News Spy

Many internet users, who rarely use more than Google and Wikipedia in their day-to-day computing, often have significant reservations about entrusting their money to a computer system or digital trading platform. This may be due to the fact that the supposed control over the invested capital is often lost, and the operation of the software of commercial trading platforms also requires a lot of practice and know-how.

But the users are enthusiastic! Thanks to The News Spy, many retail traders are making real money on the exchange for the first time in their lives, often leaving a lot of savings at the end of the year, even if a second cruise has been taken.
Advantages & disadvantages


Free of charge: The cryptocurrency trading platform The News Spy is free of charge.

Demo account: The News Spy allows novice traders to gain the necessary experience and routine before investing their real money in digital currencies with the help of a demo account.

Low deposit amount: The minimum deposit is $250, which is less than the subscription fee for some other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Customer support: Professional service from a customer support team – 365 days a year, around the clock, to answer all your questions.

Convenient: The News Spy is a purely web-based cryptocurrency trading platform that allows traders to trade online on any digital device, anywhere.


No founders: the actual software developer of the cryptocurrency trading platform The News Spy is not exactly known.


The News Spy is an easy-to-use and intuitively logical cryptocurrency trading platform that also allows novice traders to quickly gain a foothold in the digital currency business and achieve greater returns even without much experience.

How does The News Spy compare to other bots?

We believe that The News Spy is one of the best automatic and self-sustaining bots available.

La capitalizzazione di mercato dei bitcoin torna al di sotto di $ 1 trilione con l’approfondirsi della correzione

Più di 140 miliardi di dollari sono usciti dai mercati Bitcoin negli ultimi sette giorni.

Mentre i mercati Bitcoin iniziano a formare un’altra candela rossa giornaliera, la sua capitalizzazione di mercato è scesa ancora una volta sotto i $ 1 trilione

La terza importante correzione nell’attuale mercato rialzista si sta approfondendo ei prezzi sono già scesi del 12,5% dal loro massimo storico di $ 60.100 il 13 marzo.

Secondo CoinGecko, la capitalizzazione di mercato di BTC è attualmente di $ 980 miliardi, con un calo di $ 140 miliardi negli ultimi sette giorni dallo scorso giovedì 18 marzo.

La mossa arriva pochi giorni dopo che l’analista Willy Woo aveva previsto che la sua capitalizzazione totale non sarebbe scesa nuovamente al di sotto di questi livelli.

“$ 1T è già fortemente sostenuto dagli investitori. Direi che c’è una buona possibilità che non vedremo mai più Bitcoin al di sotto di $ 1T. „

La capitalizzazione di mercato di BTC ha superato per la prima volta i mille miliardi di dollari il 19 febbraio, ma non è rimasta a lungo, tornando al di sotto di essa dopo soli quattro giorni. La seconda volta che ha superato le dieci cifre è stato il 9 marzo ed è rimasto al di sopra del livello della pietra miliare fino al crollo di oggi.

La capitalizzazione di mercato totale per l’intero ecosistema crittografico è attualmente di $ 1,65 trilioni secondo CoinGecko. È diminuito del 9,8%, o $ 180 miliardi da lunedì 22 marzo.

La presa di profitto potrebbe essere un fattore importante in questo ritiro, come suggerito dall’analista Josh Rager che ha affermato che i profitti non realizzati non vengono realizzati fino a quando non sono in banca.

In riferimento al CEO di MicroStrategy Michael Saylor, la cui azienda ha acquistato molti Bitcoin quest’anno, ha aggiunto:

“Non cercare di comportarti come se Saylor alla fine non prenderà profitti, perché lo farà insieme a tutti gli altri fondi del pianeta. Quindi ricompreranno a un prezzo inferiore “

Come riportato da Cointelegraph, ci sono stati numerosi segnali che il ritiro potrebbe continuare. Il fornitore di analisi Glassnode ha utilizzato la metrica della riserva di rischio, che valuta la fiducia dei detentori a lungo termine rispetto al prezzo del Bitcoin, per suggerire che le condizioni sono simili alla seconda metà o alle fasi successive di un mercato rialzista .

CryptoQuant, nel frattempo, ha analizzato i flussi di BTC da e verso gli scambi per prevedere che ci sarebbe voluto del tempo per ottenere un altro vantaggio in termini di domanda / offerta.

Al momento della scrittura, Bitcoin era scambiato in ribasso del 3,6% nel corso della giornata a $ 52,350 mentre il FUD inizia a filtrare nell’ecosistema .

Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg shoot Dogecoin to new all-time high

Dogecoin: Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg set new DOGE record

Dogecoin is pumping – again. And once again Elon Musk has his fingers, or thumbs, in the game. Because the Tesla boss has once again made waves with flirtatious DOGE tweets. Waves that rap legend Snoop Dogg and KISS guitarist Gene Simmons are now also surfing.

After Elon Musk repeatedly posted tweets about DOGE and received backing from other celebrities, the Dogecoin price set a new all-time high of 0.08 US dollars on 7 February. At press time, the fun coin is Bitcoin Era trading at US$0.72 – almost 92 percent higher than a week ago.

Meanwhile, DOGE has been making an appearance on other prominent Twitter timelines. KISS guitarist Gene Simmons, for example, recently joined the ranks of the Dogecoin Twitterati.

I bought Dogecoin… six figures

I bought Dogecoin…six figures
– Gene Simmons (@genesimmons) February 5, 2021

Also making big waves was a tweet from Snoop Dogg, which now tops the rap icon’s timeline as a pinned tweet.

@elonmusk pic.twitter.com/KElwKghpei
– Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) February 6, 2021

With such celebrity support, it’s no wonder Dogecoin, which only experienced a massive pump at the end of January, has been propelled to a new all-time high by Musk, Snoop Dogg and Simmons. Whether this is enough to make Dogecoin the world’s currency may well be doubted. Even if, according to a survey initiated by Musk, many people would like it to be:

The future currency of Earth
– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 6, 2021

Survey: Musk pumps Bitcoin and Doge

Unlike Musk’s Mars mission, it doesn’t take rocket science to establish a connection between the SpaceX CEO’s Twitter escapades and conspicuous price movements in Bitcoin and Dogecoin. But how close this connection really is was already illuminated in a study by the Blockchain Research Lab at the University of Hamburg on 3 February. The author of the study examined abnormal price developments (CAR, cumulative abnormal return) in DOGE and BTC after tweets by Elon Musk. The result: Especially in the first hours after the mention, the corresponding prices shot up.

Musk’s Twitter bio change to #bitcoin resulted in a significant CAR of 6.31% over 30 minutes, which increased to 13.19% over an hour and with 18.99% over a 7 hour period. Musk’s tweet „One word: Doge“ resulted in a significant CAR of 8.17% over a five-minute time window, peaking at 17.31% over the one-hour period
Lennart Ante: How Elon Musk’s Twitter activity moves cryptocurrency markets (Working Paper).

In the concluding remarks, the author argues for the connection between social media influencers and the prices of Bitcoin and Co. to be considered more thoroughly in research. In addition, the results of the study raise the question of under what conditions persons of public interest should comment on certain cryptocurrencies at all.

Anthony Scaramucci: GameStop’s Surge ist gut für Bitcoin

Der Skybridge Capital CEO schlägt vor, dass die wachsende Zahl von Investoren, die die Wall Street brüskieren, eine gute Sache für Bitcoin sein kann.

  • Skybridge Capital CEO Anthony Scaramucci sagt, dass Bitcoin davon profitieren kann, dass Kleinanleger die Wall Street brüskieren.
  • Eine Gruppe von Redditors trieb die GameStop Aktien gestern um über 200% nach oben.
  • Der Bitcoin-Fonds von Skybridge Capital wuchs allein in den ersten Wochen auf etwa 370%.

GameStop Aktien stiegen gestern dramatisch an

GameStop Aktien stiegen gestern dramatisch an, nachdem sie von einer Gruppe von Redditors angefeuert wurden, zum Teil angeheizt durch eine wachsende Abneigung gegenüber der Wall Street.

Nachdem die Aktien von GameStop im Jahr 2020 bei etwa $18 geschlossen hatten, schlossen sie gestern bei einem Kurs von $147,98. Dieser Anstieg führte dazu, dass die Aktien über Nacht um weitere 50% stiegen. Und Redditors nahm große Freude an der Unterbietung der Wall Street Hedge-Fonds, die auf GameStop Aktien geshortet, die besagt, dass sie „wollen den Verlust Porno zu sehen.“

Aber, laut Skybridge Capital CEO Anthony Scaramucci, verheißt diese Art von Dingen Gutes für Bitcoin.

„Die Aktivität bei GameStop ist ein weiterer Beweis für das Konzept, dass Bitcoin funktionieren wird“, sagte Scaramucci zu Bloomberg und fügte hinzu: „Wie wollen Sie die dezentralisierte Menge schlagen? Das ist für mich eher eine Bestätigung für dezentralisierte Finanzen.“

Der Bitcoin-Preis hat Anfang des Monats ein Allzeithoch von fast $42.000 erreicht, ist aber seitdem um einen fünfstelligen Betrag auf etwa $31.000 gefallen. Doch dieser Preisverfall hat die führenden Köpfe hinter Skybridge Capital nicht abgeschreckt.

Skybridge Capital und Bitcoin

Skybridge Capital ist in die Bitcoin-Industrie eingestiegen, als es Anfang des Monats den Skybridge Bitcoin Fund auflegte.

Im Gespräch mit Decrypt sagte Skybridge COO Brett Messing, dass der Fonds in den ersten Wochen seines Bestehens auf etwa $370 Millionen angewachsen ist.

„Wir sind sehr leidenschaftlich dabei, wir haben das Gefühl, dass wir den Leuten einen Gefallen tun, indem wir sie in Bitcoin einführen, und im Erfolg verdienen wir Geld,“ sagte Messing.

Messing ist auch extrem optimistisch, was die Zukunft von Bitcoin angeht. Er erzählte Decrypt, dass er glaubt, dass institutionelle Investitionen in die Kryptowährung den Preis auf 500.000 $ ansteigen lassen könnten.

Er fügte hinzu:

„Es ist das Zeitalter des Kleinstanlegers, und Sie sollten es besser ernst nehmen, sonst werden Sie über den Tisch gezogen.“

Sagen Sie das den liquidierten Leerverkäufern von GameStop.

Repères du réseau, records des produits dérivés – 2020 bitcoins : des records historiques

Si le prix du bitcoin a atteint des niveaux jamais vus depuis trois ans, un certain nombre d’autres facteurs montrent que la hausse actuelle est similaire à la hausse de 2017.

Les adresses actives de bitcoin ont frôlé des records historiques, tandis que la puissance de hachage du réseau est restée élevée et a atteint 130 exahash. De plus, les marchés dérivés du bitcoin ont franchi des niveaux records ainsi que l’intérêt ouvert pour les options, et les contrats à terme n’ont jamais été aussi élevés.

Après 1 079 jours d’attente, le 30 novembre 2020, la BTC a battu son record de prix enregistré à la mi-décembre 2017. Depuis lors, la BTC a consolidé environ 1 000 dollars de moins que l’ATH, car les traders et les analystes ne savent pas ce qui va se passer ensuite. Malgré le léger repli, un certain nombre d’indicateurs montrent que le marché actuel est très similaire à la tendance haussière observée il y a trois ans.

Par exemple, des chercheurs de Glassnode spécialisés dans l’analyse de la chaîne d’approvisionnement ont tweeté sur la façon dont les adresses actives de la CTB ont atteint leur troisième valeur la plus élevée en novembre, soit près de 19,6 millions. En décembre 2017, les adresses actives ont atteint 21,64 millions, et en janvier 2018, 19,67 millions.

Repères du réseau, records dérivés – Les mesures de 2020 bitscoin atteignent des sommets inégalés

Le directeur de la recherche de The Block, Larry Cermak, a déclaré à ses adeptes de Twitter le 2 décembre dernier que de nombreux paramètres ont atteint des sommets historiques. „Le volume total sur la chaîne, un indicateur du débit économique, a connu une forte augmentation de 51,5 %, pour atteindre un nouveau record annuel de 204 milliards de dollars en novembre. Le volume de Bitcoin sur la chaîne était deux fois plus élevé que celui d’Ethereum en novembre“, a déclaré M. Cermak.

Le chercheur a également souligné que les mineurs de la CTB ont généré 520 millions de dollars de revenus en novembre dernier. „Ce qui représente une augmentation significative de 48% d’un mois sur l’autre“, a écrit M. Cermak. „C’est le montant le plus élevé des revenus depuis février 2020, et plus élevé qu’avant la réduction de moitié“.

Points de repère du réseau, records des produits dérivés – Les mesures des bitcoins de 2020 atteignent des sommets

Le hashrate de Bitcoin est également resté élevé, car beaucoup de gens pensent que le hashtage suit le prix. Actuellement, le 2 décembre, le hashrate global de la CTB est d’environ 129 exahash par seconde (EH/s). Mercredi, 17 exploitations minières ont pointé du hash SHA256 sur la chaîne BTC et la difficulté du réseau est terriblement élevée. Actuellement, la difficulté est de 19,16 billions et dans environ 11 jours, elle pourrait dépasser les 20 billions à la vitesse actuelle.

Points de repère du réseau, records des produits dérivés – 2020 bitcoins : des sommets en tous temps

Les statistiques de Glassnode montrent que le „nombre d’entités actives (moyenne mobile 7d)“ a beaucoup augmenté en 2020 et „approche maintenant les 400 000 entités actives par jour“. Les chercheurs notent que cela représente moins de 4 % de l’ATH précédent en termes d’entités actives.

„Cette activité accrue sur la chaîne signifie une augmentation de l’adoption et de l’utilisation du réseau. Cependant, contrairement au dernier marché haussier, le [nombre de nouvelles entités] est encore relativement faible“, a écrit Glassnode dans le rapport „The Week Onchain“ publié le 30 novembre.

Repères du réseau, records des produits dérivés – 2020 bitcoins : des sommets inégalés

En plus des récents jalons du marché spot de la CTB et des réalisations de la chaîne, d’autres véhicules d’investissement qui tirent parti de l’actif crypto ont également connu une demande importante. En ce qui concerne les marchés dérivés du bitcoin, les marchés des options et des contrats à terme ont atteint des sommets historiques en termes d’intérêt ouvert. La plateforme de commerce crypto Deribit a capturé la part du lion des options sur les bitcoins et a expliqué dans un récent bulletin d’information que „de nombreux nouveaux records ont été atteints“.

„La volatilité accrue a également alimenté la demande d’options“, a noté Deribit. „En novembre, de nombreux nouveaux records ont été atteints. Un nouveau record de chiffre d’affaires notionnel mensuel – 14,3 milliards de dollars, un nouveau record de chiffre d’affaires quotidien moyen des options BTC – 25 000 contrats BTC, et les plus grandes options OI – 4,8 milliards de dollars, soit une augmentation de 100 % par rapport à octobre“.

La plateforme de négociation note que le mois dernier, „la volatilité a presque doublé, atteignant 84% pour les BTC contre 49%“. En général, cependant, la volatilité des marchés dérivés de bitcoin a changé, souligne Deribit : „la structure des termes de la volatilité s’est inversée, passant d’une pente ascendante à une pente descendante en quelques jours seulement.“

Bien qu’il y ait eu un certain retracement, une fois que la BTC a dépassé les 20 000 dollars, les analystes ont souligné qu’il n’y avait aucune résistance historique au-dessus de la zone psychologique. Paolo Ardoino, directeur technique de Bitfinex, explique que l’espace crypto a beaucoup mûri depuis le précédent passage de taureau en 2017.

„Les marchés de la cryptographie retracent aujourd’hui certains des gains récents“, a déclaré M. Ardoino. „Alors que l’euphorie de la cryptosphère s’estompe, les participants peuvent réfléchir à l’évolution de l’espace depuis le précédent sommet historique du bitcoin de 20 000 dollars. Aucun cynisme, aucune incrédulité, ni même aucune fantaisie ne peut masquer les arguments convaincants en faveur du bitcoin. Les gestionnaires d’actifs mondiaux vont continuer à recalibrer leur portefeuille