10,000% Profits: Is Coinbase CEO Involved in New Meme Coin Built on Ethereum Layer 2?


• The cryptocurrency Bald has surged by more than 40,000 percent in the past two days.
• Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is rumored to be behind the project as some analysts observe strange moves.
• The surge of Bald has seen investors make profits of up to 10,000% and some estimate they have made $400,000 in profit.

Bald Surges By 40,000 Percent

In the past 48 hours, Bald has surged by over 40,000 percent to move from almost $0 market cap to $50,000. This unprecedented increase in price has seen investors bag incredible returns with one investor reportedly making up to 10,000% Return on Investment (ROI). According to CoinGecko data, there have been 11,000 transactions in 24 hours and 4,300 holders.

Coinbase Involvement

Coinbase recently created a new blockchain called Base which was built on Optimism technology that promises scalability solutions for Ethereum-based assets. Furthermore, rumors have emerged that Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is involved in the Bald meme coin as some analysts observe strange moves with cbETH staked Ethereum (ETH).

The Meme Coin Narrative

The narratives behind the Base Network and how their assets can become meme coins are also said to be having an impact on its surge. Meme coins like Bald and PEPE don’t require too much fundamentals before they gain traction as long as they tick certain boxes and are compatible with Ethereum.


Bald has achieved an incredible return of more than 100 times – resulting in huge profits for investors who got into the project early on. While Coinbase’s involvement cannot be directly linked at this point in time due to lack of evidence – analysts will continue monitoring this project for further developments.