Conquer Olympus – Battle of Olympus Launches Presale for $GODLY Token

• Battle of Olympus is set to launch the first phase of its presale for its in-game currency $GODLY on Arbitrum on Monday, March 27.
• Battle of Olympus focuses on engaging gameplay with rewards model that balances financial incentives and player enjoyment.
• Players can use the $GODLY token to purchase items, wager in PVP matches or mint their characters as NFTs.

Battle of Olympus Set To Launch Presale

Battle of Olympus is set to launch the first phase of its presale for its in-game currency $GODLY on Arbitrum on Monday, March 27. This will allow early investors to get the token at its lowest price. The first stage of the presale is available for $0.0221, with the price increasing through four rounds.

Gameplay Focus

The developers behind Battle of Olympus understand that long-term success requires engaging gameplay that keeps players hooked for hours on end. Therefore, Battle of Olympus provides gameplay based on roguelike and RPG elements that prioritize entertainment rather than earning potential. Rewards are provided as a bonus rather than the primary reason for playing. In addition, players have the option to mint their character as an NFT and trade or sell it on Revenant Marketplace.

What is $GODLY Token?

$GODLY is an ERC-20 token primarily used within Battle Of Olympus with several applications such a purchasing various items like loot boxes, consumable items and boosters; or wagering in PVP matches.

Demo Available Now

What makes Battle Of Olympus stand apart from most Web3 games is its demo which can be played here: [insert link]. This offers gamers a taste of what they can expect from this unique arcade street fighting game set in cyberpunk city of Olympus where they battle against other players and Greek gods alike!


Battle Of Olympus offers players an exciting gaming experience with plenty of rewards available through their $GODLY token as well as offering them the chance to own their characters by minting them as NFTs via Revenant Marketplace! The first phase of the presale is available now so don’t miss out!

Crypto De-Risks from Banks: Cardano Founder Urges Break From Traditional Systems

• Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, urged crypto to de-risk from banks amid the ongoing crisis.
• US regulators have been targeting crypto-friendly banks and this has potential implications for the crypto industry.
• Cryptocurrency markets have shown strong resilience to recent banking crisis with Bitcoin and altcoins rallying.

Crypto Needs To De-Risk: Charles Hoskinson

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson recently called for „crypto de-risk“ in a tweet saying that it is time that cryptocurrencies break free from unstable and volatile banks. He added that banks would suffer the moment we digitize securities. This comes as US regulators target crypto-friendly banks amidst the ongoing banking crisis.

Crypto Resilience Amid Banking Crisis

The cryptocurrency market has proven its resilience during this banking crisis with both Bitcoin and altcoins showing a strong rally. Bitcoin surged past $25,000, renewing people’s faith in digital assets as traditional systems struggle to deliver results. Moreover, other altcoins are performing well too which is an encouraging sign for the entire crypto industry.

Potential Implications Of Crypto Targeting

Regulators‘ targeting of crypto-friendly banks could have potential implications on the token market, stablecoins and also on overall crypto industry itself. It has become increasingly difficult for crypto companies to find banking services due to increasing scrutiny by regulatory bodies. These issues further highlight the need for decentralized banking solutions which could replace traditional ones in future scenarios.

Digitizing Treasuries And Game Over For Banks

Hoskinson believes that once treasuries can be digitized then it will be game over for traditional banks as cryptocurrencies will emerge victorious against them in terms of efficiency and cost savings while delivering better services than what they offer currently.


Cryptocurrencies have faced several challenges from regulators over the past few years but despite all odds they have continued to grow which shows their strong potential as an alternative financial system when compared with traditional ones. Decentralized alternatives like tokenization of treasuries could eventually make way for more efficient banking systems replacing traditional ones completely at some point in future scenarios

3 Cryptos to Ignite Next Bull-run: Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), RenQ (RENQ)

• Cryptocurrency investors are increasingly looking to Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), and RenQ Finance (RENQ) to diversify their portfolios and tap into the next Bullrun.
• AI predicts that Cardano (ADA) will likely trade at $0.49 on December 31, 2023, an increase of 44% from its current price.
• Polygon (MATIC) provides solutions for scalability issues giving Ethereum increased accessibility with quicker and less expensive transactions.

Leveraging Cryptocurrencies to Ignite the Next Bull-run

Cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly popular form of investing in this digital age. As such, investors are beginning to explore new coins that could potentially ignite the next bull-run in the crypto market. Among these stand-outs are Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), and RenQ Finance (RENQ).

Cardano: Decentralized Network with a Variety of Use Cases

Cardano is a decentralized network whose infrastructure allows it to handle a variety of use cases from small transactions to large business applications. The coin has earned recognition as the “Ethereum killer” due to its unique approach towards blockchain technology. With accelerated network development activities aiding its growth in the DeFi space, experts believe that Cardano’s continuous development activity will positively influence its value in the long run. CoinCodex’s machine self-learning technology predicts that Cardano (ADA) will likely trade at $0.49 on December 31, 2023 – an increase of about 44%.

Polygon: Enhancing Ethereum Accessibility

Polygon seeks to increase Ethereum’s accessibility by offering quicker and less expensive transactions while also providing solutions for scalability issues – allowing users access to faster processing times and lower gas fees when using Ethereum based dApps or services. By fusing several decentralized marketplaces and tools together, Polygon hopes to provide users with easy access without sacrificing security or decentralization; all while helping foster mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies as well as Ethereum-based services or applications.

RenQ: A Community Driven Effort To Solve Liquidity Issues

RenQ Finance is a community driven effort that aims to address liquidity issues which have long plagued the blockchain industry; offering traders from beginner level up through seasoned professionals a comprehensive solution for trading across multiple decentralized marketplaces and toolsets. RenQ looks forward to creating an environment where everyone can easily access cryptocurrency trading opportunities regardless of their experience level so they can capitalize on potential gains offered by Bitcoin or any other crypto asset class during a bull run period .


These three cryptocurrencies offer great potential for investors looking not only for diversification but also for tapping into future bull runs in the crypto markets enabled by ever more decentralization fostered by blockchain technology advancements offered by Cardano, Polygon & RenQ finance respectively! >>>>> BUY RENQ TOKENS HERE <<<<<