Equity markets, all on the blockchain? SEC Chairman surprises his world

The SEC becomes crypto-friendly? – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will always amaze us. Although the financial authority does not hesitate to knock out any crypto project that does not strictly comply with regulatory frameworks, its president has just revealed his very positive view on tokenized assets.

All stock market shares in the form of tokens?

Jay Clayton , Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission , recently participated in an online conference on the topic of regulating digital assets .

First of all, he believes that the current American regulatory framework is sufficient to govern the various forms of cryptocurrency, in particular to differentiate between secutity tokens (tokens representing securities ) and other cryptos:

“(…) If you try to finance your network with your token or to offer people a return for using the network with your token (…), it is quite clear that it is a security . “ .

Blockchain data

As for the potential of Profit Revolution review and tokenized assets , Jay Clayton’s position is surprising. After explaining that 20 years ago, shares were held through paper certificates and today they are represented digitally , the SEC chairman blurted out the following sentence:

„It may very well be that all [these actions] will one day be tokenized . “

And why not tokenized ETFs while we’re at it?

Even more surprising, Jay Clayton does not stop at the case of stocks. Indeed, he then talks about Exchange Traded Fund ( ETF , or exchange traded funds ). Regarding these investment funds which track the price of an asset or a financial index, he explains that:

“(…) Regarding the tokenization of ETFs, you know that we should promote it (…) the SEC must even be ready to conduct this (…). We want to facilitate that. If you want to show us how to use the tokenization of an ETF to increase its performance, you can do so. Our door is wide open (…). Of course, you have to register it and do whatever you would with any other ETF ” .

Reading between the lines, could we (finally) consider the validation of a Bitcoin ETF by the SEC? Obviously, Jay Clayton does not provide any answer on this subject.