Experience the World’s First Stable Blockchain Social Slots Game: House of Slots!

• Chainwire Massive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate, is launching House of Slots, the world’s first stable blockchain technology-based social casino game.
• Through the Web3-based Play and Earn system, users will be able to unlock rewards in the game’s decentralized economy.
• Players can take part in airdrops and NFT free minting events before launch, as well as mission play and NFT holder limited events after launch.

Chainwire Massive Gaming Launches House of Slots

Seattle, Washington, 20th February, 2023 – Chainwire Massive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate is launching House of Slots; a global social casino slot game that will be released in March 2023 with a follow-up release of House of Poker. This project marks the first ever stable blockchain technology-based social casino game.

Decentralized Economy & Rewards System

House of Slots offers over 80 different social casino slot machine games to provide users with a realistic and fair gaming experience. Through its Web3-based Play and Earn system; players can unlock rewards in the game’s decentralized economy which allows them to further own their value within the game.

Airdrop & NFT Events Before Launch

To promote engagement before launch there are tokens, airdrops and game NFT free minting available through House of Slots. To participate in these events users must install an IntellaX wallet which they can do through login registration or by linking their email address.

Mission Play & NFT Holder Limited Events After Launch

After opening there are additional benefits through mission play including more valuable rewards for those who own an NFT (Non Fungible Token).


Acceptance Of Stable USDC Coin

The most notable aspect of this project is the adoption of the stable USDC coin fixed to the value of US dollar. Global players have access to various free social casino games where they can earn USDC with specific goods provided by the game.