What is The News Spy?

In addition to financial investments such as shares, funds and bonds, trading in cryptocurrencies has become increasingly important in recent years. Many investors have specialised exclusively in cryptocurrencies, mainly due to the variety of different digital currencies, and earn good money with them.

Many traders are no longer able to keep track of their digital currency trading due to the rapidly changing trading environment, high volatility and short-term market distortions. Moreover, unlike equity trading, digital currencies are traded globally around the clock.

It is therefore logical that non-institutional cryptocurrency traders need help to survive in this industry. Cryptocurrency trading platforms with their trading robots are particularly helpful and often of great benefit.

In the report from https://www.danubefuture.eu/the-news-spy-en/, we would like to introduce you to The News Spy. This professional cryptocurrency trading platform often delivers superior returns with the help of its integrated trading robots and state-of-the-art computer programs. With the help of the The News Spy, individual traders can outperform the respective profit margins of professional stock market observers and – depending on the market environment – sometimes achieve a multiple of the investment as profit within a few weeks.

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What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms that can generate above-average returns thanks to state-of-the-art computer algorithms. The platform includes trading robots that attempt to achieve the highest possible returns through logical buy or sell decisions.

The software underlying the trading robot is able to predict the short-term price development of the corresponding cryptocurrency with above-average accuracy on the basis of real-time market parameters.

It can trade the most common and well-known digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. Thanks to its user-friendliness, it can be easily operated even by trading novices.

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Who is behind The News Spy?

The actual software developer of the cryptocurrency trading platform The News Spy is not known, which is often the case in the digital trading environment. This is analogous to the invention and development of Bitcoin, the first ever digital currency. The true identity of the founder, who published a whitepaper under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, will probably remain a secret forever.

Nevertheless, The News Spy proves its legitimacy through its network of a large number of professional and certified brokerage firms with which it cooperates.

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Opinions about The News Spy

Many internet users, who rarely use more than Google and Wikipedia in their day-to-day computing, often have significant reservations about entrusting their money to a computer system or digital trading platform. This may be due to the fact that the supposed control over the invested capital is often lost, and the operation of the software of commercial trading platforms also requires a lot of practice and know-how.

But the users are enthusiastic! Thanks to The News Spy, many retail traders are making real money on the exchange for the first time in their lives, often leaving a lot of savings at the end of the year, even if a second cruise has been taken.
Advantages & disadvantages


Free of charge: The cryptocurrency trading platform The News Spy is free of charge.

Demo account: The News Spy allows novice traders to gain the necessary experience and routine before investing their real money in digital currencies with the help of a demo account.

Low deposit amount: The minimum deposit is $250, which is less than the subscription fee for some other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Customer support: Professional service from a customer support team – 365 days a year, around the clock, to answer all your questions.

Convenient: The News Spy is a purely web-based cryptocurrency trading platform that allows traders to trade online on any digital device, anywhere.


No founders: the actual software developer of the cryptocurrency trading platform The News Spy is not exactly known.


The News Spy is an easy-to-use and intuitively logical cryptocurrency trading platform that also allows novice traders to quickly gain a foothold in the digital currency business and achieve greater returns even without much experience.

How does The News Spy compare to other bots?

We believe that The News Spy is one of the best automatic and self-sustaining bots available.