Win $800K in Crypto Rush: Join the Last BFG Token Mining Event Now!

• BetFury is hosting an event called Crypto Rush with a prize pool of $800,000.
• Participants can join various iGaming activities and collect Gold Tickets to enter the Grand Lottery for a chance to win $100,000.
• BFG tokens are available for purchase and hold potential to increase in value due to their exclusivity and limited supply.

BetFury’s Crypto Rush Event

BetFury is hosting an exciting event known as the Crypto Rush which has an impressive prize pool of $800,000. The event started on 21st June and will last until 7th July, offering users numerous lucrative activities to engage in.

BFG Chasing Battle & BFG Royale Battle

The highlight activities of Crypto Rush include three themed Battles – BFG Chasing Battle and BFG Royale Battle with a combined prize pool of $450,000 and 60,000 Free Spins. The first one has already begun while the second one will kick off on 26th June.

Grand Lottery

The grand finale activity of Crypto Rush is the Grand Lottery with a chance to win a staggering $100,000. To take part in it, participants must collect Gold Tickets which can be obtained through various activities such as Daily Check-ins, inviting friends, completing deposits etc., or signing up for a BetFury account which will unlock a Welcome Pack with bonuses.

BFG Token – Promising Investment Opportunity

In addition to entertainment opportunities offered by Crypto Rush, participants have the opportunity to acquire BFG tokens – the native cryptocurrency of BetFury platform – which hold potential for profitable investments due to their exclusivity and limited supply.

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